Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Indian Bastards!

I’d like to start this post by making an assumption. At a first look to the title of this post, nearly all people from India, would be taken aback a bit. They might find it a little bit offensive. That’s absolutely true. IT IS meant to be offensive! But fear not, it’s not meant to be offensive against every Indian, and I can safely predict that if 100 people found the title offensive, nearly 90 people would agree with me. Provided they read this post completely. And if you still are one of the ten people, then the offence was directed at you.

Random HDR!

The inspiration for this post comes from a national news item I saw around 3 hours back on TV. Apparently, in the new “Modi Sarkaar”, the HRD ministry is now headed by someone who isn’t a graduate. Maybe the minister IS a graduate. Heck, I don’t even care if she secretly has done a PhD, or has an IQ that will make Einstein shy. The more interesting fact is the “Big Question” news debate going on, on national TV!
The question the host asks, and I quote, (sort of):-

“Ok, so let us raise the big question tonight! Should educational qualification be used as a measure to judge the competence of a minister? Joining me now….”

And he proceeds to introduce the guests for the debate.  In my opinion, the debate is simply pointless! Everyone knows that educational qualification, can in no way be used to judge the ability of someone to perform a given task. Well, given that nearly (I don’t have an exact figure) 4 million students, throw away 2 years, or even more, of their life to get into a “prestigious” college so that later on, when they go looking for jobs, they get selected easily due to their apparently better level of education. And nearly the same number of students then prepare for exams like GATE and GRE, more or less for the same purpose of obtaining a better higher level degree. For instance, the C++ language they teach to CSE students in IIT’s is wildly different from the language being taught to the students in relatively lower standard college. The working principle of a 4 stroke petrol engine, being taught to the Mechanical IIT-ans is unbelievably different from the ones which are taught to students of local colleges. In a nutshell, it is extremely important to get admission into a good college so that you learn the “better C++” and then sit inside a 4x4 cubical, coding all day, probably for an MNC such as Facebook or Google. That is EXTREMELY important! And that’s just the stream of Non-Medical. I won’t comment on the situation of the Medical and commerce students, because I personally find it a little offensive to comment on something I have very less information about. But, having observed my friends, I can assume the situation is not too different.

Random HDR 2!

You don’t need any qualification to be the Head of the Human Resource and Development, of a country with a population of approx. 1 billion. That’s just insane! You need advanced degrees in education so that you can code endlessly, perhaps work in a bank, or building model bridges, work and do what your superiors says you to do, like fetching your boss a coffee or some other extremely important jobs students get immediately after graduating from colleges. Who cares if all the education mechanism of a country is headed by a person who “maybe” is a graduate?

If the above passages made you go like “WTF is this guy saying? It’s completely stupid!” you, sir/mam are from the 90 person sample size, and I congratulate you. The reason you thought the above content seems stupid is because it IS stupid! And you have the brains needed to detect the stupidity in it. Unfortunately, the 10 people, who don’t detect this cosmic level of stupidity are the ones who have been running the country and all its major systems for quite a while.

My apologies for going so off-topic. So much stupidity made me forgot that this is primarily a science blog!

This post comes courtesy of (yet another) exam result that came out today, and as usual, it was crap for me. If you are starting to think that maybe I’m dumb, then you haven’t been more wrong previously. And I’m not being cocky. While I was writing this post, I was chatting with my friends as well… friends who also scored poorly in the exams… BUT, friends, who can diagnose an engine problem in a car, who constantly talk and chat with me over topics like cosmic inflation, CMB, Multiverse theory, Why Morgan Freeman is legendary, How do I code my app/phone so that it works/looks exactly the way I want it to look, amongst other things, which I can surely claim that no other “topper” has even the faintest idea about. All these friends of mine just had their self-confidence destroyed like Hiroshima. And it has affected me as well, in a bad way, but not as much as you would expect.

Normal Long Exposure (Midnight)
23 seconds ISO 400 

As we struggle to rise up again, I hope that you all have already risen, and doing what you like to do. Because, if you do something you like, you are axiomatically doing it perfectly. And remember, disappointment is for wimps, start getting angry, even if you have to be angry at yourself!

Until my next results, (sooner than you think!)