Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life As I Know It...

I'd like to start off from where i left the post last time. I was successfully able to answer my own question, with the help of some good folks over at Gplus. And as it turned out later, I had already stumbled across the answer to my question long before I even had thought of it... and that's both hilarious and freaky at the same time.

 Oh, and if you don't understand the comic, don't worry! As I said, even I didn't when I read it for the first time.

 When I found the answer, i was a bit more sad than happy, because i used to think that i challenged a theory which all scientists follow. But that was for just a short while.

Just around two days of the post, the results for the exam for which I had been preparing for the last two years came out, and as usual, i didn't do well in them. In India, these exams are not just exams, they, in many cases (unfortunately) end up deciding the course of a persons life. A bad result in this exam(s) is more than enough to destroy the self confidence of any regular kid, and in most of the cases the parents also start brown-beating them. Due to the low scores or ranks, the students are incapable of getting into a stream of their own choice, a field in which they want to study, and their only options are either to drop the year, and prepare for the exam next year (which stats show is a bad way to go, as improvements are rare and not much), or get a paid seat in a private college, which is not only expensive as hell, but also quite pointless.

This time around, I am the one who is struck in the dilemma of dropping or getting a paid seat. Though I still have a couple of other options as of now, I'm not that interested in them too much. Until the final result is declared, I along with perhaps 70% of the students along with me, have nothing better to do except wait (and maybe prepare for any other entrance exam coming their way), and with each passing day, stress levels increasing, self confidence decreasing, mocking by the “toppers” and inferiority complex settling in their minds. All of this happening just because of the way how these students filled up a sheet of paper in 3 hours, which will end up deciding the quality of lives these students will lead.

As I'm typing this, the other half of our generation, who chose the medical path, is getting ready for something insanely similar to happen with them. All I can do for now is wish them Best of luck.

Good day to all...