Monday, June 18, 2018

So... Yay?

After spending an amazing time in Europe, specifically Aachen, here I am back in Chandigarh. And it would have been okay if I was not comparing Germany to India all the time. But I am. And it is quite boring + annoying.

I am back in my natural habitat, and by that I mean my decked out room. Surprisingly, everything is still working after nearly 9 months of unsupervised operation. There were a few glitches, but it performed way better than my expectations, which were maybe 2 weeks without some maintenance.

So... yay?

But it does not matter because we probably have to shift soon. Thankfully this gives me a free hand in implementing certain things that I always wanted to have, but could not. Obviously LED lights in every room are there on the list, along with more unconventional upgrades such as a proper solar setup, CAT6 Ethernet in every room, A proper NAS system for the house, and hopefully, if feasible, a separate 12VDC wiring in at least 1 room.

But that is all speculation at this point. Currently, I would be heading off to Vijayawada and help with the establishment of an advanced robotics training center. (WUT?)

By the way, here is my Internship thesis, in case anyone is interested. Have fun! And let me know if you want to use any part of this for your own use.

Although I had only a few weeks at home, I already have a small project I am working on. It's a pump controller with dry run protection, and I intend to use ultrasonic sensors to do that. Let's see how that goes. Hopefully, I can finish that before I leave.

Apart from that, I decided liquid cooling my Linux laptop is not worth it, so I am converting it into a standalone desktop type thingy. Basically cooling it with a lga775 stock cooler and a slim 80mm CoolerMaster fan. Peak temperatures under heavy load max out at 55 C. As a reminder, a local repair guy messed up the threads on the mounting mechanism of the original heatsink which caused the temperature to always hover above 100C. In case you have any doubts, it should never exceed 85C.

I also finally got an actual WiFi router. The old Edimax one I had was terrible. And I could not even access the settings. And it was 150 Mbps. And it was combined ADSL + Router. Now I have got the Netgear Nighthawk with a combined bandwidth of 1600Mbps.

So... yay?

Enough talking. I flew back from Paris, so here are the obligatory Paris pics. Had no tripod, plus summers are kind of annoying in Europe because it never really gets dark before midnight. So night pics are also missing.

Along with that, I just want to say thanks to all the wonderful people who I met during this time. From the random Syrian Doc who helped me with my bus pass to my amazingly cool and slightly racist (in a great way) neighbor. Every one of you made my experience just that extra bit special.  This post would be too long if I named every individual person I met. But to every individual out there - YOU ARE AWESOME!  :)

As always, feel free to share these photos. 
I loved where I was living.

The best Sunshower I have seen

The red streets of Kelmis - Belgium


On one side, a road with cars, on the other a canal with boats!


A moment of silence


Under the tower and Dreaming


Arc de Triomphe



Monschau was a total surprise

I want a home here

That's actually seeds floating in the air.

Enjoy the pics, the thesis, if you are that sort of person, and hopefully I can document some other projects for this blog before 2020. Because that's just how committed I am.

I want to finish this post with an internet quote I saw, which from personal experience I can verify is correct.

vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit.

Feedback and comments are welcome, as always.

Oh, I would officially be an engineer next month.

So... Yay?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Guten Tag

I’m in Germany.

If that wasn't obvious from the title of the post.

I thought I should clear this before anyone points out the total lack of updates on my blog, or even google plus. Not that anyone really reads these… but still. I’m updating it after one complete year. So, makes sense.

Looks a bit industrial, no?

I hear you asking, “What in the world are you doing in Germany?”
Honest answer.. even I do not know. I mean I have come here to get my training for the professional environment and industrial applications of what I have been studying for the past 3 years, more or less.. but as usual, things rarely do go as you might have planned them to go.

So, I got my confirmation for my training in Aachen back in May 2017. I was supposed to join in by July, but due to the delays in the visa, I actually got here in September. And the time between may and September was… let's just leave it at Eventful. I just wished that once I’m here, things would settle out and it will be okay…

Big mistake. I've been in Aachen for 5 months now. I do not have a SIM card, I do not have an Internet connection of my own. The company or the institute that called me for an internship has been taken over by a different organization and the professor who actually sent me a letter of confirmation was let go 1 month after I joined here.

And if you know anything about Aachen, it's that it's a student city and it's nearly impossible to find a place to stay for longer durations. I mean I had to search for a place to stay urgently for a few days, and every hotel was booked, every AirBnB room was booked and there was basically no place for me to stay. So I ended up staying with one of my coworker's student hostel.

It may sound normal to some people.. actually is normal to a lot of people, but I have to remind you that I have never ever stayed for more than 1 day anywhere else than my home without someone I know accompanying me. Not to mention the terrible social anxiety. And that was in India, where I actually know the language.

I won’t go into too many details here. Sadly not much technical stuff to post, since what I have been working on is not so accessible, and more importantly, I need to write my thesis and reports first. Maybe, after that, I can share in more detail what I did. Maybe, open to be read by all?

I hear you ask again, “What is that you are working on that is not so accessible to people?”

This Monstrosity.


For context, the highest point is almost 8 FEET above the ground

And that is just one of them.

Cute Orange Spherical Object 

Granted, not as intimidating as the white one, but cool nevertheless.

So basically, I’m here getting my hands wet in the world of proper industrial automation and research. The white robot, which is the ABB IRB 7600, can handle objects that weigh up to 340kg! And it moves with a speed of 6 m/sec. If this thing touches you at even ½ of its top speed, you’re gonna go flying across the room. I have different projects that I need to do to learn how the robot works, and then think and work on ways I can improve the handling of those tasks.
I think I’ll let the videos do the talking. Sadly, (and weirdly),  I cannot link my google photos's videos directly into blogger. So I guess you'll have to do with a link. No big deal If you are interested. Doesn't matter if you aren't.

Random Videos of Random robots doing Random stuff

The other robot, Kuka LWR, is small, compact, a bit less dangerous but still super fun. Since it’s meant as a collaborative robot, I can actually move the robot with my hands to different positions instead of manually moving individual axes. Almost feels like a pet. I wish I had one. Doing nothing fancy on this tho. I was supposed to get is working, and I think I have done that. Awaiting further instructions for me and the robot.

Other than that, I got involved in teaching (!) somehow, and I had to explain the basics of the robot in the labs to guest students from both India and Germany. That was freaky and cool at the same time.

The other robot I haven't had a chance to work on, yet. Along with a beautiful view.

As I said, not going into too much technical stuff. That would be an overdose in 1 single post.  But what I can do is, since you are already here, is share some reasonably decent pictures I captured in Europe. Haven’t traveled much, but better than just a text post and random robots screwing around. I must say, Germany is a beautiful country, and everyone I’ve met and interacted with here, make it all the more special. THEY ARE ALL SO NICE! IT IS FANTASTIC!

Student Towers in Aachen

Love how many people use cycles here

Right in the postcards

Open Resturant(s)


First closeup that I am happy about

Drag Race in Brussels?

Definitely not Indian


The best Christmas Market I've been to


First Snow Experience

Geminids, maybe?

Rhine coast

French Tram


Schauinslandbahn Freiburg

I actually started writing this sometime back in the Mid-November. This post has gone through many changes since then. And I also got the chance to attend the "Rosenmontagsguz" or the Rose Monday Carnival in Aachen. I was not sure what I was expecting, but it successfully managed to completely blow me away.
Chilled out Life

The small parade of Richterich


Don't worry, I'm not taking your picture

One of my favorite photos of the carnival

Shootout with thy neighbor

When you want to party, but have a duty

The woman in pink

Just imagine the candies thrown out by 150+ of such groups over a distance of 6 kilometers

Another fav

This is why I like Germany

10/10 will follow this pied piper

Anyhow, I hope you like the random photos from Aachen, Brussels, Strasbourg, and Freiburg. Feel free to reshare them! As always, feedback is much appreciated.

Let's see what happens next. Most definitely not a new post here. Or maybe...